Moving people and products is key to any economy.  As populations increase in major urban areas and people move further from large cities, we face unique challenges. How do we effectively move people and products in the future? How will use roads in the future? How will we use mass transit? How will we utilize rail and 18-wheelers to move freight in the future? These are the questions that we are constantly asking at FOXXSTEM that is forming our strategies for planning, designing, engineering and building a sustainable context sensitive transportation system for the future. Let’s collaborate and build the future paths together.


Water is life. The majority of our bodies is made up of this important element.  More than 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. As an essential element, we have the awesome charge to assess, manage and monitor our water supply. While there is an ample supply of water on the planet, it must be collected, reclaimed, managed, maintained, treated, sanitized and distributed so that all may enjoy our most valuable resource. Without usable water, we would not be able to do much of anything.  That’s why we facilitate the development of new technologies to help manage this most precious resource.  Let FOXXSTEM support you on this important endeavor.  We’re thirsty!


Our society has significant energy needs in order to power our five energy use sectors: electric power, transportation, industrial, residential and commercial.  We work closely with our energy partners in gas, electric, water and air to engineer solutions that are safe, effective and sustainable in distributing energy supplies. As part of the global community, FOXXSTEM is continuously looking for ways to save energy and reduce our footprint as we serve our clients.  Our special attention on using advanced technology to support renewable energy efforts will help offset the world’s increased consumption rates.



The basics of survival include food, clothing and shelter.  Government facilities provide a suitable environment for people and products that are necessary to run an effective government.  We provide trusted knowledge and experience in managing the facilities maintenance, operations and managing the construction or modernizing of these facilities through commissioning. In conjunction with our engineering, project management and our other ancillary services we provide a viable solution for your long-term needs.  Through strategic partnerships we can quickly and smartly increase capacity at short                                                                                                      notice for unforeseen needs.

Information Technology

Data is being collected everywhere and all the time.  This is affecting how we do business today and tomorrow.  There is no intelligent act in collecting data alone. You must know what type of data to collect and how to collect it.  We can help you with that. The greatest value comes in the proper use of that data to help inform decisions.  FOXXSTEM provides the data scientists who sift through the data, maintain it, develop programs that analyze the data to make it useful and deliver systems that can process the data.  We combine business knowledge with math, statistics and computer science to support artificial intelligence.  Let’s responsibly harness our power collectively to impact human progress.