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Billion-dollar lessons in Program Management

Being a part of a team that initiates a new billion-dollar program can be both exciting and challenging. One colleague of mine said it’s the same as a $100 million program just more zeroes as he smiled.  For some of us, it feels like the next natural progression in one’s career after becoming a seasoned project manager in an organization.  In fact, many of the same skills that you would need to manage a project […]

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Resume Writing Tips – What not to do

YES! Another Blog About Resume Writing Tips Resume writing is not common sense.  You usually become a good, practical resume writer after you have been the reviewer of resumes. Over the past 5+ years I have had the awesome responsibility of being able to offer good jobs to good candidates.  From interns to Project Managers to Construction Managers, I have looked at more than 100 resumes and with each one I try to use my […]

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Friends and Colleagues

Today is 02/01/2021 – Day 1 Friends and Colleagues – I have recently parted with an excellent opportunity at a great company to follow my strongest desires; to start and lead an engineering firm, FOXXSTEM. For more than a decade I have known that this was my destiny. I have paid my dues in this industry. This path today fully aligns with my values of utilizing my most prominent skills to empower people, families and […]

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