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Friends and Colleagues -

Friends and Colleagues

Today is 02/01/2021 – Day 1

Friends and colleagues-

I have recently parted with an excellent opportunity at a great company to follow my strongest desires; to start and lead an engineering firm, FOXXSTEM.

For more than a decade I have known that this was my destiny. I have paid my dues in this industry. This path today fully aligns with my values of utilizing my most prominent skills to empower people, families and communities through opportunities for growth, engineering community-serving infrastructure and being a good corporate citizen, mentor and neighbor.

FOXXSTEM will build one brick at a time. With a strong foundation, gratitude and resilience, all things are possible. You can anticipate the same quality results and attention to detail that you have come to expect over the past 20 years. Expect the best!

My phone number’s the same. So let’s build, back, better together. Thank you to those of you who will join us and be a part of making FOXXSTEM a success!

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